Automated Executive Reporting

Real-time analytics to make real-time decisions

Executive teams need to make the right decision and they need to make it quickly.  The automation and data pipeline we created opened up new opportunities for our client to act quickly, ensuring they always had real-time data.  This allowed them to grow their business rapidly and efficiently.


  • Reporting occurred sporadically
  • Executive Reporting was completed by one individual
  • Team relied on rebuilding data sources every time reporting was needed
  • Little agreement in how metrics were calculated and reports completed
  • Data for Reports came from numerous sources, Quickbooks, Braintree Payments, MongoDB, Excel Sheets, Google Analytics, and Google Adwords 


  • After understanding the data environment NuView was able to implement a data pipeline that would standardize and automate reporting
  • Automated Pipeline connected to all pertinent data sources connecting everything to a single location
  • Systematic reporting pipeline allowed for standard, agreed upon, calculations of metrics
  • Automated system removed reporting bottleneck from a single person, single source of failure


  • Reporting frequency went from sporadic monthly, to daily, and weekly as needed.
  • Reporting bottleneck removed, freeing up 40 man-hours per month.
  • New Metrics could be added and systematized with little effort.
  • Executive team was able make quicker decisions, and pivot as needed.
  • Reporting scaled to all areas of the business, allowing every department to create new reporting giving increased visibility into key drivers.

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