Dashboard Visualizations

Seeing data in a new way creates new opportunities

Lots of Data is Great, Too Much Data can be confusing, not being able to see and understand your data can be detrimental!  Our work with our client's Marketing team, provided a visually pleasing dashboard which created a high level of data stringency.  Their findings from the visualization, revolutionized their Google Search Campaign.


  • Marketing Team needed to understand Acquisition Costs which had begun to grow 2-3x their original levels
  • Team needed to control Marketing Spend to drive growth
  • Marketing Program was primarily dependent upon highly competitive Google Search
  • Creative team needed visual representation of data to make fast data focused decisions


  • Develop Dashboard for Marketing team members to have single source of information
  • Incorporate key Marketing Metrics for team to dig deeper as anomolies appear in visualization
  • Create Platform for Marketing professionals to understand data quickly and see changes over time - Merging the Science to the Art of Marketing


  • Marketing team was able to reduce inefficient Google Search Spend
  • Team reduced Customer Acquisition costs by 60%
  • Visual representation of Increased costs brought to light interesting way in which Google Search effectiveness is impacted by spend levels (check out the deep data dive)
  • Team could track individual customers and tie directly to individual spending
  • Marketing team was able to evaluate impact of campaigns as they run rather than post-mortem

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