Optimal Agent Selection

Combining data points to optimize order routing

The most interesting projects in data are those that allow the NuView team to dig deep into the data and create a solution that goes into operation and transforms the business.  Creating an optimal routing tool for our client fits that bill.  Our team analyzed the data, created a routing algorithm, and built a production ready tool for the logistics team to use systematically moving forward.


  • The company was losing a large portion of their customer revenue to pick up their customers
  • The company used third party movers to pick up and deliver customers and with that they did not have direct control over the time it took for these third parties to perform the service
  • Costs to pick up customers varied by as much as 70%
  • Logistics team needed to manage 88 different markets with over 200 agents across the country


  • Understand what was causing variability in pick-up costs
  • Develop model for predicting pick-up costs to manage to
  • Develop algorithm to automatically route to the most efficient agent
  • Create User experience for Logistics team to manage agents, orders, routes and maintain predicted servicing costs


  • Company decreased Pick-up costs by 40%
  • Logistics team was able to save 15 man-hours per week
  • Team had platform to view the optimal agent, the next rated agents and the predicted costs, allowing them to manage costs and understand how they impacted the business with every order
  • Optimal Agent Algorithm opened the door for fully automated logistics routing and communication process

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