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Custom-Built Data Solutions

Services that stem from over a decade of experience and results. We develop a full data-informed ecosystem that will allow your team to maximize on the data you have and begin creating a data-informed culture throughout your organization. We are able to customize the system to build out any and all aspects of the process that are needed.

Data Assessment

Understand your company's current status and data.
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Data Synchronization

Connecting you and your company to your source data.
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Data Visualization

Real-time visual understanding of your business.
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Insight and Optimization

We'll do a deep data analysis for your company.
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Data Science Views

At NuView we have productized approaches to common business questions that can be informed by data. We call them Views; they are a look into specific portions of your data which drive insights and actions to solve the toughest growth challenges. From our data-informed approach, each of the Views are created to drive discussion with your team rather than override historical approaches and decisions.

Customer Profile View

Understand who are your best customers based on your transactional data, CRM data and demographics data from leading third-party sources.

Customer Risk View

Develop a risk model and scores for customers and identify processes to eliminate highest risk customers (delinquents, bad actors, loss-leaders)

Consumer Pricing View

Form a full picture of pricing of your products and services through competitor pricing data, breakeven analysis, and conversion rate testing.

Customer Retention View

Formulate a clear understanding of Customer Retention based on deep cohort analysis with key drivers and predictors of churn, opening up new marketing opportunities.

Marketing Lift View

Objectively view the performance of marketing campaigns, understanding the impact of new and existing marketing plans.

Call Center Ops View

Expand Insights from your call center data and understand the performance of sales and support reps through text mining, call response timing, and time of data data.

Recommendation View

Identify top user events, clicks, conversions and purchases to inform optimal user experiences and products.

Optimal Vendor View

Uniquely identify who are your best vendors and suppliers based on historical performance and cost. Determine optimal selection process based on real-time inputs.

Lifetime Value View

Identify opportunities to increase lifetime value through upselling, reselling, and customer targeting.

About NuView Analytics

NuView Analytics was founded with a single mission: to bring data to the forefront of business creating an easy to use and understand method for making decisions deeply rooted in Data.​

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